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5 Ways To Bet Smart On Sports - Deadline News

15th August, 15:00

Betting is definitely a risky thing to adopt as a hobby and put your time and money into, but there are many people who've mastered this game and are making some serious revenue put of it.

When talking about winning big in sports betting, it comes down to every single bet that you make in a single sitting, the decision making process behind every bet is what decides your success ratio.

You can choose various sports matches and leagues to bet on, select any game that you have a better understanding of, select any specific team (optional) and start betting. While you can bet with a little to no technical knowledge of this process, following a set of rules is mandatory if you want to win big at betting and want to make it a regular source of income. Following are some of the best smart betting tips.

Study The Sport Thoroughly

In this digital age, you can literally choose any sport to bet on, and you'll fund a plenty of online sites and land based casinos to bet in. But to bet effectively, you'll have to choose one specific sport, and study all the teams thoroughly.

The real art of sports betting is drawing a fine line between luck and skills of various teams, for example, you have to decide which team displays better skills on a regular basis and which one stands lucky in big contests. So, one of the best smart betting tips is that you choose one sport and study it thoroughly to become a successful gambler overtime.

Learn To Control Your Emotions

Every person has nerves early on in his betting carrier, but what really matters is how they learn to control their nerves and place a smart bet every time they play in a tense situation. The secret to controlling your nerves is keeping the money out of equation, it is certainly a though ask but you'd essentially learn to be calm and collected while betting if you practice it everyday.

So, the next time you come across a tempting offer, wait and analyze it with cool mind instead of placing a nervous bet, this will improve your chances of winning manifolds! Also, a good advice for the newbies is to not always support their home teams, because betting with your heart would take you nowhere.

Bet Only 1% To 2% At A Time

One of the biggest mistakes the newbies and desperate bettors make is that they risk a large portion of their betting budget on every bet. This strategy might look like the fastest way to earn big bucks, but it may also ruin you pretty fast.

Unless you're a mad billionaire with millions digging a hole in your bank account, you're advised to follow the rule of thumb and only risk 1% to 2% of your betting budget on one bet. This is one of the best betting tips, because it can decrease your changes of losing all your money dramatically.

So, a good way to place a smart bet is by making small bets, this avoids unnecessary worry in the bettor and lets him enjoy the actual game instead of just being worried about his money. For example, if your have $1000 in your betting account, then you shouldn't bet anything over 10 to 20 dollars per bet (1 to 2 percent of $1000). However, if you have a small amount like $200 to $500, then you might need to place over 2% of the total amount to meet the minimum bet requirement.

Pick The Time Yourself

Finding the perfect time to place a bet and seizing your moment is one of the most difficult things in sports betting, as this skill comes with patience, practice and a good understanding of the sport. In any match, make sure that you're not influenced or tempted by any fancy offers, and try to choose the right time to bet by yourself.

One obvious thing with sports betting is that the bookies introduce new offers to persuade the bettors to participate with their money. These offers might vary in nature from bookie to bookie, they might keep the offer alive for the whole event, or restrict it to only a certain moment in a random march. So, one of the best betting tips to help you place a smart bet is that you'd choose the time of your bet yourself, never be influenced or tempted by any fancy offer, because that can be a trap designed to deprive you of your money.

Know That Sports Are Unpredictable

Although many people have adopted betting as their primary source of income, but no one has even gotten even near the 100% win rate. Sports betting is a risky business, and you can fall into heavy winning as well as loosing streaks even if you're a professional bettor.

Know that sports are unpredictable, underdogs win big on their days, and even the heavy favorite teams can lose to apparently weaker teams. Know that of there was an unbeatable formula, then every bettor would be a millionaire, although the reality is exactly the opposite. So, to increase your chances of winning, follow smart betting tips and try to place a smart bet rather than thinking with your heart.

Bottom Line

Betting is a risky business, but with the right knowledge and by following some smart betting tips, you can actually improve your betting game and convert it from a hobby to your primary source of income over time.