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Clever Chance serves as a sports betting portal for beginners, enthusiasts, and everyone in between. We bring you up to date details of the promotions that are currently being offered by top UK online bookmakers and betting sites. And we are not just about the big sign up bonuses either, as we also list the latest offers for existing customers as well. With the help of our site you can find the right bookmaker, the right bet and turn the odds in your favour. Don’t get bet regret by missing out on the top offers and features. At Clever Chance we do the hard work for you and list all of the best offers in one place for your convenience. All betting sites and bookmakers featured on the site have been fully vetted by our team and are also licensed in the United Kingdom and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.


Sports betting is mostly very simple: You place a bet on an event and you either get a return on your investment or you don’t. But there can be a lot of things surrounding that simple transaction that aren’t so easy to understand. In order to help you have the smoothest betting experience possible we have created this FAQ to answer any question you might have.

Is Sports Betting Profitable?

Unlike some other types of gambling which are based on luck, sports betting can be profitable because it involves a large element of skill. That’s where we come in because SBO.net is designed to help you become a more skilful punter. We’ll show you how to make more profit by assessing the value and following our betting strategies.

What is the Best Sports Betting Site?

We rank the best sports betting sites on several factors, including best prices, bonuses, and banking options. You can read honest bookmaker reviews here to help you find the best gambling sites as recommended by our experts.

Is Sports Betting Online Popular?

Gambling on sports continues to grow in popularity all over the world as more and more people combine their love of the game with online sports betting. In the UK, the most popular sports for gambling are football and horse racing.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Yes. Gambling has a long history in the UK and online betting is completely legal. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the strictest licensing authority in the world, which means that the online betting market is very well regulated. We only recommend UKGC licensed bookmakers in the UK, so you can rest assured that our betting firms are entirely safe. If you’re gambling from outside of the UK, although the rules may vary, betting is legal in most countries. Licences are issued by the relevant national authorities and you can choose from the registered bookmakers in your country.

Do I Pay Tax on Gambling Winnings in the UK?

No. Betting tax was abolished in the UK in 2002. In the past, you had to pay 9% tax on every wager struck in a betting shop and you could choose to pay the tax on your initial stake or on the winnings. Thankfully, you can now bet completely tax-free!

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