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Beginner's guide to Betting on Hungary's NBI Football League

26th September, 15:59

If you love sports betting, you've probably wagered on Premier League, La Liga and other top European football clubs. But have you ever staked on Hungary's NBI League teams? Although the NBI consists of a relatively fewer number of teams than Europe's "Big Five" leagues, it's exciting and goal blessed.

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Lately, the NBI has also become rough. Throughout the first six match weeks, officials have produced seven red cards and over 20 yellow cards. But that's alright, at least if you are a neutral fan that loves to make extra money betting on sports. Find a step by step guide on how to bet on the NBI League profitably below.

An Introduction to the League

Betting experts believe gaining knowledge about a sport or league is the first step toward becoming a good bettor. You need to know which teams participate in a league, their core players, managers, and stadiums. You also need to learn about different club's playing styles, their rivals, and the quality of their squads.

The NBI, short for Nemzeti Bajnoksag I, consists of 12 clubs that play 33 league matches in a season. Ferencvaros won the league in the 2018/19 season after accruing 74 points. Haladas and MTK Budapest finished last and second last consecutively and were relegated.

This season, a few of the perennial heavyweights, including Ferencvaros and Vidi, are battling out for the title. The 12 teams in the league will face each opponent thrice before the season ends later next year.

Like many European Leagues, NBI football teams also participate in domestic competitions and European Football. That's crucial to understand as it tends to affect the squads chosen in specific league matches. In turn, squads can influence the outcome of games.

Choose a Reliable Bookmaker

Hungary relaxed its gambling laws in 2013 to allow Hungarians the freedom to bet online at the convenience. Unfortunately, the government set exceedingly high license and taxation fees. As a result, many of the top bookmakers in Europe don't view Budapest as an ideal place to acquire a license.

Locally, you can bet at the country's most prominent gambling website: szZT. You can also join foreign bookmakers and benefit from their more competitive odds and broader coverage of games. You'll need to convert your forints into Euros, but that might be the only inconvenience you get.

When choosing betting websites, evaluate every service you'll need from them. Learn about their apps and websites. Find out how to contact the support teams, accepted payment methods, and bonuses offered to Hungarians. Also, use a bookie review website like to narrow down to Europe's best-rated bookmakers easier. Visit the site here.

Choose Betting Wagers Early

With many bookmakers, you can make a bet one week before the game begins. But you don't need to place your bets that early. Instead, spend your time researching several betting outcomes. Analyze win records and compare squad form to predict not only the match-winner but also the number of goals likely to be scored.

Because many NBI league games take place in the first three days of the week, you will always have the weekend to analyze games. After you pick wagers, shop around for quality odds. That's because to bet on Paksi FC when they meet Varda SE at home is only one part of the process. Ensuring you get great returns from your bet is another.

When you use renowned betting sites like 888 Sports, Ladbrokes and Bet365, you can be confident of finding quality odds for each game. But the odds are never the same; it's essential to shop around and pick the bookmaker promising the highest return for your investment.

Learn from Tipsters

For beginners, don't place your bets before you compare your predictions to those of expert tips. They won't always be right. But thanks to their experience, they can help you discover new information you didn't consider when making your decision.

Many expert bettors also tend to follow expert tipsters on social networks. They understand making a football prediction involves a lot of research and doing comprehensive data analysis. To ensure they don't rush into betting, therefore, they seek second opinions for professional tipsters.

Plenty of online tipsters offer their services free of charge. But if you don't have the time to do research, you can buy tips. Take note it's a risky thing to do because many tips for-pay services are scams. But you can also find a few verified, albeit expensive betting prediction services.

Polish up your Betting Skills

It takes weeks or months of betting before you can start to form consistent winning patterns. If you are not a football fan, it might take longer as you spend time learning about how the game works. To ensure you minimize your losses as you gain betting experience, keep improving your skills.

If staking on high risk games ends in losses for you, try making single bets. If you both teams to Score bets have been disastrous, find out why you always get them wrong. In many cases, you can improve your betting skills by using additional data to analyze your games. Alternatively, you can switch your tipsters or quit getting opinions from friends.

Another way to improve your skills is by learning new betting strategies. An excellent example of a plan that works in football betting is to specialize in specific wagers. You can become a specialist in over2.5/under 2.5 bets or concentrate on wagering on draws.

You can have many strategies when betting in football. For instance, you can also have a policy on how you choose your betting stakes. You could decide to increase your betting amounts after one month of making profits or stake high during the weekends.

To Conclude

Although it's always be tempted to bet on the top European football leagues, you should consider betting on the Hungary NBI league. It's intriguingly physical, and you could make good money betting on the number of warnings and red cards produced each game. But similar to all leagues in the world, you need great strategies and a professional mindset to make profits while betting on Hungary club games.