Sports Betting Guides

Learn everything you need to know to have the best chance to cash out from your sportsbook. These guides cover all of the basics and have been contributed to by professional sports handicappers and betting industry insiders.

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NBA Over/Under Betting

Welcome to the world of analytics. Over/under bets no longer consist of just checking out a team’s points per game, checking out their opponent’s, considering the two defenses and then comparing it with the total number. Advanced numbers have brought new factors into the equation to consider before placing any form of bet, be it over/under, point spread, or moneyline bets.

NBA Betting against the spread

Point-spread betting is the most popular form of wagering on NBA games, more so than moneyline betting and over/under betting. Point spreads even up the matchup between two teams. But even with many of the games costing between -110 and -120 to wager on, there are a handful of tips to consider that can tilt the scales in an NBA betting fan’s favor. We’ll be looking at home and away splits, travel days and rest, injuries and a team’s ability to bounce back.

5 Essential Soccer Betting Tools

While a soccer bet is never guaranteed to win, there are certain methodologies a bettor can follow to ensure that their chances are optimised.No matter how frequently somebody wagers there are some essential soccer betting tools that are needed to inform a bet - the top 5 of which we've list in this guide.

How to Read Betting Odds

Understanding how to read sports odds starts with knowing the various formats sportsbooks use to display betting odds. The three most common methods are called American, fractional and decimal odds.All three of these sports betting odds explained are essentially different methods of giving the bettor the same information as quickly and efficiently as possible.From boxing betting to NHL betting and every sport in between, knowing how to read sports odds in any of these formats is important to prospective bettors because each format indicates how much a bettor must stake in order to win a certain amount in profit.

Expert Boxing Tips Savvy Bettors Should Consider

Whether you’re a casual boxing bettor just having fun on the boxing betting market with a portion of your discretionary income or a seasoned professional bettor looking to sharpen your skills as you continue to ply your trade, these expert boxing betting tips will help you along your way. After all, being a great boxing bettor is akin to being a great boxer: It’s the heavy focus on fundamental skills that ultimately leads to long-term success.

Best Boxing Strategies

There’s nothing quite like boxing, and betting on fight night makes boxing events even more exhilarating than they already are. But knowing how to bet on boxing is more than just knowing about the sport and the fighters. The best boxing betting strategies are the ones that create more opportunities for bettors to make the right bets while simultaneously encourage them to avoid the wrong ones. Here are five proactive steps you can make right now to help take your boxing betting strategy to the next level, when you can then employ more expert boxing betting tips.

What does Each Way Betting mean?

An each-way bet is effectively like making two bets on a particular sport. It could be a horse race, a First Goalscorer bet in a soccer match or a player in a golf tournament. Each-way bets are regarded as a safer option than simply betting on a selection to win.

How to Place A Bet

For the veteran punter, placing a bet is no big deal. They’ve done it a thousand times before. But for those new to the betting world, it might be a little complicated. Once you’ve got your head around understanding odds, and all the different rules, you’ve then got to make sure you know how to place a bet.

What is the Best Sports Betting Strategy?

This question has no simple answer or a guaranteed method. Online betting is all about odds and applying a strategy is about trying to improve the odds in your favor but bear in mind, the sportsbook has a house edge built into every bet to help them make money too. The other problem with this question is avid punters each have their own strategy they use, which they believe is the holy grail. One strategy that seems popular among sports bettors is opting for Free Bets instead of a Match Bonus. Because free bets work like a type of insurance, they are sometimes referred to as risk-free bets, because when you lose a bet, the bookmaker refunds your bet amount.

The problem is the amount you get back may not cover your entire initial wager, which means you could still be at a loss, but at least not the full amount. The other issue with Free Bets is you may be limited to which types of bets or sports and even the number of Free Bets you can place.