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Celebrities Which are Caught in Sports Gambling

5th March, 10:52

If you had the notion that only common people like you and me enjoyed the pastime of sports betting, then you were living under a delusion. You will be surprised to know that celebs stay in touch with bookies as much as you do. What makes them different are their bankrolls. Until now, there have been billions of dollars won and lost. So, along with watching your favorite sports on, let's know some of the exciting facts today.

In this piece of writing, we present some of the celebrities who were caught in sports betting.

We begin our tally with this esteemed NBA star having a notorious reputation of a sports gambling habit. As expected, it put him into a lot of trouble during his professional basketball career. Much to his disgrace, he was thoroughly investigated by the NBA in the 90s'. Michael Jordan suspiciously took retirement from the sport at the peak of his career. People assume it has something to do with his inclination towards sports betting.

He is one of the celebs who have done justice to his nickname "Money." This legendary pugilist has done lived up to his reputation by spending humungous amounts in sports betting. It is believed that he gambled a massive $10.6 million in 2016's edition of the Super Bowl where backed Denver to get the better of Carolina Panthers by a minimum of two points. Luck was on his side, and he won the bet. However, there were times when he lost, but the boxer gives a fig to it.

Back in the 1990s, he was the highest-paid NHL player. Despite having such a free fortune, his engrossment in sports betting made him face severe financial distress. At worse, he had lost nearly half-million dollars in an online sportsbook. His perversion and a series of back-to-back losses piled the figure to such a high that eventually, the press came to know about it.

Famous by the name of Birdman, Bryan Williams is an American rapper who has a good reputation for sports betting adventures. He made to the limelight in 2018 by betting $200,000 in favor of Patriots to win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he ended up in the losing side, much to his embarrassment and regret of losing a hefty amount.

Well-known for his pursuits on sports betting, the UFC boss is an ardent adrenaline freak and never minds making or losing a fortune by betting against his buddies. His good friend, the famous rapper Snoop Dogg is his earnest rival too. They made the headline when they betted $20,000 on Celtics Vs. Lakers where Mr. White ended up in the losing side.

He dares to accept his involvement in sports betting, although he confesses that it is not one of his biggest passions. Still, he never minds spending millions while betting on college football. He was caught red-handed for his illicit involvement in a betting syndicate engrossed in NCAA events. Irrespective of his real intentions, Hollywood will remember this actor as one of the biggest gamblers in the industry.

This former player and manager of the Cincinnati Reds in the only athlete in MLB to have played over 500 games in five different positions. Apart from his prowess in the sporting field, he has a dark side that may seem remarkable in the history of sports betting. Back in 1989, he was the only person to be banned from professional baseball for 40 years for being involved in betting. He kept denying the charges for 14 years but later admitted that he used to bet in every single game of his team. A confession that he made in his autobiography "My Prison Without Bars," published in 2004.

He made it to the headlines during a court hearing for divorce with Denise Richards. It was reported that he was engrossed in sports betting and put a humungous amount of money on the line. His ex-wife said that during the birth, Sheen betted on a sporting event over the phone as they were on a way to the hospital.

This NAB veteran is loved by basketball fans, although he has a tainted past where he had to face a jail term back in 1985 for a point-shaving scandal. It all happened in Tulane, and as a consequence, it was four seasons shuttering from the basketball program for him. He was accused with five other players for sharing points in two games for a shared pot of $17000. Williams was tried two times where the first was deemed a mistrial, and the second resulted in a five-count acquittal. He played on the NBA circuit for 13 long years.

Every sports fan will love to have a dream run like this guy. As it turned, he made a living on sports betting. He made the headlines by winning a massive amount of money on Jeopardy.

He made it to the 33 consecutive Jeopardy episodes bragging a humungous sum of money more than 2.5 million US dollars. Plus an extra $250,000 top prize in the Champions Tournament.

Next in our list is Phil Mickelson, who was fond of betting on the Super Bowl. This pro golfer made a fortune in 2001 as his betting prowess reached its zenith. He got a taste of success in sports betting by placing a considerable amount of 20,000 dollars on Baltimore Rovers to clinch the title. It turned out to be a master's stroke. Later he had the luck to win even more money when he placed a bet on Arizona Diamonds to win the World Series.

He is the last in our list but by no means the least. Himself, a legendary power forward, made a right call on betting half million on the 2002 edition of the Super Bowl in favor of New England Patriots. He had also seen the other side of the coin as he claims to have lost over $30 million in Las Vegas casino adventures.