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Gambling Alternatives While Sports is Cancelled - The Bank

27th April, 17:23

2020 has been a turbulent year so far. Who would have thought in January, that this year we will skip March Madness, UEFA Euro Cup 2020 and even Tokyo Olympics because of something that many governments and even medical experts considered to be just another version of good old flu, or maybe even just a cold? COVID-19 transformed our lives, caused all sports events to be canceled and even convicted us to 24/7 detention in our home.

And while in the very beginning, the sports industry did everything it could to keep the engine running, now there are only a few options left for punters all across the world. And some of them not only don't include sports but are bizarre and downright crazy at best.Many of the casinos and sports betting pages that offer these categories can be found among mobile online casinos at IrishCasinoHEX list.

Here is some alternative betting you can try during the pandemic!

Let's face the fact: we all love to bet on popular sports like basketball, football, and tennis, but with all those matches being canceled, we will simply have to settle for what we have. While French, US, UK, and German sports matches are being postponed, some countries still allow them, so maybe it would be good to consider some less popular alternatives. For example, you can bet on several Belarus football leagues, Nicaraguan, Taiwanese, and Tajikistan football. Hockey is still pretty much active in Russia, while Taiwan has an active baseball league. Also, darts competitions still take place in the Czech Republic.

Many consider chess to be a sport, while others see it as a board game. Whatever your opinion may be, many chess matches, especially friendly ones, went online to keep the chess industry going. It may not be as exciting as basketball, but chess has been around for centuries and, once you learn the rules and major players, it can be as exciting as any other betting category. Despite many tournaments being postponed, chess remains active on its online domain so make sure to check out your sports betting site to find what matches will take place.


Even though many sportsbooks offer this category on an everyday basis, many punters have only now placed their first bets on it. There are as many betting categories as there are celebrities. One can bet on ratings of different tv shows, or how a certain tv show is going to end. You can bet on what will happen next in a crime drama, or simply wager on who will be the next James Bond. There are also bets on what movies will play in theaters first, and which will have a premiere on a streaming channel.

Some bookies went even a step further and often betting on which celebrity will die first. We do not endorse this type of betting in any way, as it is immoral and bad taste.


A betting company in Costa Rica took a somewhat creative approach and created a new betting category - the weather. You can simply place a bet on what the temperature will be in cities across the country. Even if it seems plain stupid to bet on whether their website reached 100,000 visitors in a single day thanks to this innovative category. The owner of the website was not only surprised but also announced that they will introduce a betting mobile app to make the weather betting accessible to as many customers as possible.

Traditional sports enthusiasts look down upon eSports, but they are one of the very few betting categories that were unaffected by the coronavirus. Sure, big tournaments and events will no longer take place in futuristic sports arenas, but will simply go back to their roots - living rooms. Players all across the globe still participate in championships because everything they need to play is a good internet connection. There is no social interaction, fans can applaud and cheer in their homes, so there is no risk for anyone involved. If you are ready to wager on esports, we suggest you try betting on the most popular teams in LoL and DOTA first.