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How Smartphones Revolutionized the Betting Industry

14th April, 13:55

If you've followed betting industries like those in the UK, you'll probably already have seen how phone technology has been a big part of their success. In this article, we're going to look at how smartphones have helped revolutionalize the betting industries. Other locations looking to grow their online gambling options should take note.

So how have smartphones revolutionalized the betting industry? We're going to have a look in this article so you've got a slightly better idea about just how important this technology has been for the industry. Let's have a look...

Betting on the move

Phones have made it easier and more convenient to bet no matter where you are. Online gambling has always been popular, but having to load up your laptop or desktop just to place a bet isn't always convenient. Especially if you're on the move. So whether you want to look at betting odds or play a little virtual blackjack, phones just make it much easier to do what you want. Everything can be at your fingertips, including live offers and more. We'll look at them in a minute.

Phones have made it so much easier to access odds and more. Things like the fantastic Bet365 app have made online betting simple no matter how you're trying to access the internet.

More offers

You've probably seen how important bonus offers are in the betting industry. These can be in the form of free bets, casino spins, or more funds for your bankroll. Having a phone actually makes it a lot easier to access these offers and easier for sites to promote them.

When you see an advertisement like a billboard for a new site or offer, it can be easy to forget about it. Especially when you're on the move. But with a smartphone, you can log in instantly and grab the offer before its too late. Smartphones have basically made it easier for sites to advertise and keep potential gamblers engaged. It's also easier to access the offers, as we've already looked at.

These offers have always been a great incentive for both players, and for the industry to use to get players. But now you can access them more easily with your phone. Some sites even offer standalone mobile offers to get you using their app.

Live odds

Odds can change all the time in the betting world. You might have looked at the odds for something this morning only for them to change over time. With a smartphone, you can keep checking in and make sure you place the bet only when you want to.

Betting at events

This one is a big factor. But if you're attending a live event like a football match, it used to be difficult to place a bet during the game unless there was a bookie on site. Not every site offers this option. And even if there was a bookie on-site, lines can make you miss the action. Now you can have all the odds at your fingertips and can place a bet quickly and easily at ANY sporting event, without missing any of the action.

It's factors like these that have actually helped sports betting and online gambling grow year on year. This looks set to continue as technology improves and so do betting offers. The smartphone has made a big impact on the growth of the gambling industry, and many people only gamble with their phones today.