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Important Features to Note for Sports Betting Mobile Apps

12th September, 07:04

Mobile sports betting is becoming increasingly popular, and because of that we are seeing many bookmakers design a mobile app to cope with the demand. These apps are downloaded by the users and then when they want to place a bet, in just a few clicks they can have all the available betting markets right in front of them. While the bookmakers will vary, the actual features on a betting app are very similar on them all, and here is a look at some of the key features you need to watch out for.


The Login Page & Choosing a Sport to Bet On

The first two things you will do on any mobile betting app is log in and then choose the sport and league you wish to bet on, so Premier League football for example. Logging in is made easy by some apps as they have a function where the app remembers your username and you only need to type in your password. Others go even further, offering you the chance to log in using a four-digit code rather than typing your full password, all of which is designed to make signing in as quick and easy as possible. The it comes to choosing the sport you wish to bet on. The fundamental basic of any mobile betting app is that it must be easy to use and navigate. This includes having some kind of menu where you can choose the sport you wish to bet on, if there are quick links to big events then that is an added bonus. According to, the apps that they have seen and recommend all offer an easy navigation system. This means logging on takes seconds, and choosing your sport also takes seconds, which is the perfect start for those who are out and about and don't have much time.


The Betting Slip

Another integral part of the process and something that must be easy to use. New betting sites are putting a lot of emphasis on their mobile apps, with the bet slip being a key part of this. This all allows you to view the selections you have chosen and then select the type of bet you wish to place and the stake of that bet all without moving onto a different screen. This is the mechanism used to actually place bets, so is a vitally important piece of the puzzle as far as the app goes, and something that the developers must get right.


Watching a Live Stream

Many bookmakers offer their players the chance to live stream many different sports so they can keep up to speed with the bets they have placed and cheer on their teams. This is something that you are able to do through a mobile betting app with many bookmakers, and it is something that can be done with many sports, with live NHL games available daily for example. have a number of different bookmakers listed on their website and some of those offer you the chance to not only live stream games, but also to live stream them through the mobile app they provide. This means you are not tied to your home when it comes to betting or watching, you can do both on the go while you are out providing you have an internet connection and your phone.


Payment Options

Some punters will make one payment into their account which is enough for them to bet with across multiple bets in the future, while others will make a deposit when they have a bet, and do that every time they need one. For both types of gambler, but especially the second, it is vitally important that the bookmaker offers a simple and easy to use payment process on the app.


An important feature here is the ability for the mobile app to hold the payment details that you have used in the past. While sitting at home you will more often than not have your bank card or other payment method with you but if you are betting on the app while you are out this may not be the case. By storing your details you will be able to deposit funds in seconds and then bet back to betting on the app. For those that deposit into a betting account on a regular basis, a payment system like this that stored the majority of your details will really help you when it comes to speed, to save you from typing in every detail about your payment each time you make a deposit.