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In play sports betting - A history and guide

8th October, 09:06

Sports and betting have always gone hand-in-hand, evolving together through the ages.

Today's market has reached way past bookmakers to the digital world of betting exchanges. A recent Statista report reveals the fruits of their labour: 2018 saw sports betting achieve a 72.8% share in online gambling participation.

Some of these exchanges have gone down in history for establishing in play betting and giving sports fans an even greater incentive to closely follow their favourite teams and players. Since it was first introduced, the in play betting market has boomed, not just because of improved winning odds, but the freedom and deeper interaction fans can enjoy.

On the other hand, the thrill of digital expansion into sports can easily absorb, if not disorient, fans that are active across their clubs' domains. So, as more and more people turn to betting exchanges, reading up on how they work and what a winning strategy entails is essential to consistent profits.

MPower helpfully reminds us of Virat Kohli's batting video taken during the Border-Gavaskar Series that went viral on YouTube and Twitter, the latter amounting to over 1.2m views. Sports events are a major source of entertainment and audiences accustomed to fast and varied online services welcome every new opportunity to watch and engage with the athletes they admire. But when it comes to in play betting, it is important to not let all that excitement distract you from betting smart. Discipline is key.

In football, for example, use the first 20 minutes of a match to get a feel of the field, the teams, players, strategies and any other influencing factor. The more you know about it, even before the match begins, the better informed your decisions will be. Resources like TechRaver can show you where to look.

Watch the odds - as the match shifts so do they. Regardless of personal feelings, consider the likelihood of each team winning and what either victory could earn or cost you. Every one of these possibilities can be controlled through tactical betting options such as in play trading and cashing out.

A final tip is to start with small stakes as you get to know the fine points of the in play betting system. Gain experience and confidence before risking larger amounts of money. Rushed, emotional bets are the ones you are most likely to regret.

But what about pre-match betting? The perfectly respectable 1×2 market is still available and hugely popular among bettors. The differences between the two options, however, are widening by the year. Live betting online with 888 brings you closer to the action of the Premier League in ways that pre-match betting never could. Competitive odds, live updates and a shared passion have a highly immersive effect on sports fans.

It may be simpler to place a bet and calmly watch the game on TV or online, but that means having less control over how the bet plays out alongside the match. Punts are also limited to who the winner will be without being able to counter potential loss by making a second bet on the possible defeat of your chosen team. Having the option to, more or less, adjust your luck leads to greater engagement and enjoyment from start to finish.

The global popularity of football - WorldAtlas reports a following of 4 billion fans - has made it the main attraction for in play bettors. It boasts a wider range of events and probabilities to engage with, but it is hardly the only sport available. Tennis and some of the world's biggest superstar athletes like Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Andy Murray are backed by 1 billion people. Volleyball, basketball, horse racing, snooker and many more sports are part of the in play betting market.

In play betting has improved the dependability and entertainment value of sports gambling, but there is room and, fortunately, a will for improvement. Digital channels can continue to spread awareness of in play benefits and strategies to success. Then, as its form of engagement gains traction, the in play market can expand availability of other popular sports. Fans' appreciation for being brought closer to their clubs will lift the entertainment and gambling industries to new heights.