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Odds of Online Sports betting | Tapscape

18th March, 14:04

Sports is a great way in which fans can combine their love for a particular sport along with their betting skills and gamble to make money based on the outcomes. The bookies offer odds to the gamblers and based on them the bets are placed. The bookies make sure that there are sufficient bets that help them to cover their own risks on all possible outcomes. Try betting online on several sports from Their profits come from a percentage they keep aside for themselves from the bets placed. Sports betting odds are expressed through several ways including the most common ones such as Decimal Odds, American Odds, Fractional Odds, etc.

American Odds - Sometimes bookmakers place odds to represent sports betting by a plus or minus sign before a number. This is known as American Odds representation. When a minus sign is placed it means how much money needs to be bet on a team. On the contrary by placing a minus sign a bookmaker indicates the amount that is to be paid in dollars to the gambler if they win.

Fractional Odds - The bookmakers in England state the odds as fractions. They are written as 6/5 or six to five. The first number indicates the amount that is won if the sum placed as a bet is equal to the second number. In such odds usually the amount of bet is returned along with the amount won.

Decimal Odds - Another way of expressing the odds of a team is the decimal odds. This method is used by the bookmakers in Continental Europe. In this method the odds are stated as numbers that include decimal points in them and the amount bet is included in the odds offered. If the odd is placed 2.5 times on the bet of $100, then if the gambler wins he will get the amount that is 2.5 times of $100. The odds are always greater than 1.

Point Spreads - Sports betting is done on various different games. If the particular game has scores, the gambler can bet not only on the winning team or who will win but also by how many points. The points are known as point spreads. Odds are expressed by the bookmakers through a plus or minus sign.

Over-under bets - Over-under is another way of offering sports betting odds. This bet is only offered if the sport has scores in them. In this bet odd, the gambler can bet on the total number of points scored by both the teams irrespective of which team scores how much.

Apart from placing odds according to the methods stated gamblers can also choose to bet on individual phases of the game. They can bet on which player scores how many points in which phase of the game or the total number of free throws in the basketball game. The number of odds found in several games are endless and there are several opportunities to do so.

These are some of the popularly used odd methods preferred by several book makers.