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The sports betting resolutions that can help you win money

27th December, 15:11

VSiN's hosts and reporters share their 2020 sports betting resolutions in hopes that others can benefit from their mistakes:

Brent Musburger, VSiN host: I will never bet on a baseball team returning home after a long road trip. I will never bet on a Cleveland Browns team again. (Just kidding, but you get how I feel.)

Matt Youmans, VSiN senior editor/host: I will not continue to bet Rickie Fowler to win every golf major until he finally wins one. The Masters is the only major I will bet on Fowler to win in 2020. I might not eat healthier or exercise more, but I will feel better by never again betting on a team that is favored with Philip Rivers at quarterback.

Pauly Howard, VSiN host: Betting on draws in addition to the side -- I'll hedge my soccer bets more.

Michael Lombardi, VSiN host: My New Year's resolution is to never, never, never back any team that plays on the road with a bad offensive line. Bad lines never travel well. And just in case you didn't already know, my lifetime resolution is never count on "MVP Mitch" Trubisky against a good defense. Hold on, my final one: Always bet against the Lions when they play a good quarterback.

Jonathan Von Tobel, VSiN host: I will not be afraid to bet on teams on the back end of back-to-backs in the NBA.

John Murray, Westgate SuperBook director/VSiN host: The three rules of NFL betting for 2020:

1) Go against the week-to-week overreactions in the market.

2) Always study the coaching matchups because half have no business running an NFL team.

3) Don't get too high or low based on one bad beat or one egregious officiating decision. Because there will be more.

Ron Flatter, VSiN host: I will avoid betting on short-term trends, long-term personal biases and, above all, any team whose quarterback's name rhymes with "Amos Inston."

Jeff Parles, VSiN producer/host: I will continue to never trust the Chargers.

Greg Peterson, Point Spread Weekly writer: I will recognize how hardworking some teams are that are playing shorthanded. For our nation's first president, George Washington, to muster covers in a loaded A-10 while playing one-on-five is certainly a feat worth celebrating.

Josh Appelbaum, VSiN reporter: I was raised on data-driven betting and graduated from the school of betting against the public. Why? Because more often than not, the public loses, and, as we all know, the house always wins. However, this doesn't mean Average Joes never win. Plus, sometimes sharps and casual bettors are on the same side of a side or total. Starting in 2020, I am going to be less of a stubborn contrarian and more open-minded when it comes to popular bets -- as long as they also have smart money and I can beat the closing line.

Danny Burke, VSiN producer/host: My sports betting New Year's resolutions for 2020 are to keep betting on new QBs (they did impressively well ATS this season) and to avoid betting the Chicago Bulls.

Dave Tuley, VSiN senior reporter: I resolve to practice what I preach even more consistently than I already do: Be dogmatic with my dog-or-pass philosophy, track line movements to time my bets to get best number (or future price) available and look more at alternative markets like first-half/first-quarter/first-period lines and proposition wagers as well as in-game offerings.

Wes Reynolds, VSiN host/Point Spread Weekly writer: With the rapid expansion of sports betting and a larger menu being offered every day, I will work not to spread myself too thin. Bookmakers have to book everything, but we as bettors don't have to order everything on the menu.