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Things You Must Know Before Betting Online in India

9th January, 10:52

If you are thinking about playing online bets but you are not sure where to begin and how to begin, then you don't have to worry. A few people try to run the Google search asking, 'is betting legal in India?', but they seldom get any relevant information. The following article aims at making you aware of the fundamentals of online betting and all other information that you need. Let's begin:

First things first, let's talk about the legal aspect of online sports betting. The rules and regulations governing gambling and betting differ from area to area. So there are mainly two types of jurisdictions. One, where sports betting isn't allowed in any form, and the other, where you can do it as you like. However, there is a grey area too, the ones where you can do it, but you have to abide by some strict norms if you want to avoid trouble. Since India falls under that grey area, you must make yourself aware of the rules and regulations of cricket betting in the country. An excellent way to do that is to discuss it with your trustworthy peers who you know are into online sports betting.

As an amateur, you might sign up with the first sportsbook that you come across, thinking they are all the same. Well, they are not equal. A few are far more trustworthy and accessible than the others, while some offer better lines. You can decide your sportsbooks after a little research. Once you know that is betting legal in India or not; it doesn't mean that you can choose any platform and expect the same results. Also, please be sure that your chosen sportsbook operates in your region. To begin a smooth online betting, all you need to do is to spare a few minutes for a little research to find out what are the different sportsbooks available in your area and how do they differ from each other.

We mentioned lines in the above paragraph, in case you don't know what it is, we will elaborate it here. Lines are also known as 'point spread', and they are used to decide on the factors for betting either on the favourites or the underdogs. Line betting makes sure that each of the betting sites has an equal chance to win.

Just because you can deposit in your betting account, it doesn't mean that you can withdraw the amount anytime. Many times bettors live in this confusion that they own their deposited, which unfortunately isn't the case. However, there are some good bookmarkers which let you withdraw your winnings, but not all of them are so generous. Again, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully before depositing any amount in your betting account.

In the world of betting, nothing comes without a stake, and the same applies to those attractive bonuses. For example, if a betting site claims 100% bonus, it doesn't mean you have your money doubled. It merely means that if you will have the extra amounts to play bets. Again, you might get surprised when you are not able to withdraw after winning your bet. Kindly refer the conditions applied columns to know more about their bonus criteria.

They don't normally bother if you win small amounts, but they don't want you to win big amounts regularly. Betting sites want their customers to win around 50% of the time so that their profits don't get marginalized. If you are consistently winning huge amounts, it's highly probable that you may be asked to stop placing any more wagers with their site. If this happens with you, then it's better to start looking for a different bookmarker as an attempt to open a separate account on the same site might lead to loss of your deposits.

Football isn't soccer in America! Confused? In most of the parts of the world, soccer and football are one and same but not in America, Canada and Australia. This information is essential as you might find separate teams for football and soccer in America. Hence, please be double sure you are taking the lines of the same sports upon which you intend to place your bet.

Online betting is not only convenient and comfortable, but it is also thousands of times safer than regular betting. Majority of people who ask 'is betting is legal in India?' they do so because of the safety concerns related to the betting business. If you consider the tips mentioned above, you can become a pro online bettor in no time.