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Top-notch betting strategies you should try in 2020

21st January, 09:01

Betting systems and strategies are a dime a dozen, but do they really work? There is no shortage of online "pros" selling their strategy e-books, promising huge returns on your bets if you just follow their system.

The truth is, a lot of betting systems are total hogwash. Many betting systems rely on the idea that an event has to happen depending on the past - for example, if red comes up 3 times in roulette, then the next one will be black, based on probability. But it really doesn't work that way.

Betting strategies do have merit, however. Let's make a distinction between betting strategies and betting systems. A betting system asks you to adhere to a rigid set of rules, and take big risks to go for a large payoff. An example of a betting system would be the Martingale system, in which you double your bet after every loss, the idea being that eventually you'll win and get back all of your losses.

This type of system can be fun if you're making very small bets and learn to walk away, but if you're betting large, there's no way you want to bet 20x your original bet after a 20x losing streak, unless you simply don't care about money. In that case, you're either very rich, or might need help with a betting addiction.

Betting strategies, on the other hand, are more about playing smart, and protecting your budget. With strategies, you're carefully considering several different factors, whereas with betting systems, you're putting blind faith into some skewed concept of predictability.

In this article I'm going to lay out several top-notch betting strategies you should try in 2020, and if you need more advice, you can look at a helpful website like

When it comes to sports betting, no system can beat actually doing your homework. Some key strategies that fall under this are:

Focus on only a couple of teams: It's great to have a cursory knowledge of every team, but you should put your main focus on a couple of teams. You can still follow the entire sport, but your goal is to know everything there is to possibly know about the main teams you'll be following.

Get into personal details: More than knowing all the stats of a team, you should follow what's happening with players outside of the stadium. Did they catch a flu that caused them to miss training? Are they going through a divorce? Are they living a rockstar lifestyle? Did they sprain their ankle while rock climbing? Knowing these minute details can help you more accurately assess how a player will perform during a game.

Ignore mainstream hype: Especially in fight promotions, boxers or MMA fighters can sell incredible amounts of hype. As an example, mainstream analysts called Nate Diaz's victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 196 a "stunning upset", based on the McGregor hype-train. It probably was, to casual fans. But die-hard MMA enthusiasts were well-aware that Diaz's superior jiu jitsu skills (and cardio conditioning) gave him a clear advantage, something McGregor had never really dealt with before, and thus, it wasn't a big surprise when Diaz finished McGregor by submission. This is an example of how you should ignore media hype, and really dig into the strengths and weaknesses of particular athletes.

Shop Lines: This applies to all sports. Shopping lines means checking several different sportsbook websites, to get the best odds possible. Sportsbooks are going to have wildly different odds on many occasions, so you should be checking who is going to offer the best odds for any given event. You can also take advantage of different bonuses that websites offer.

For football fans, betting on over 2.5 has several advantages to consider. Sportsbooks often offer pretty decent odds on over 2.5 bets, although you'll want to focus this bet on teams that have a history of finishing games with scores of 3 or more.

It's important to be realistic, but with an over 2.5 bet, your bets have around a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. This is especially true with teams that are known for high scoring games, like Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Barcelona.

If your focus is on long-term betting, know that most professional bettors only risk 1 to 2% of their bankroll on average. Pro bettors know that at anytime you can encounter lengthy losing streaks, so betting conservatively significantly reduces the chances of ruining your bankroll.

To get the most out of this strategy, you should have a decently sized bankroll, such as a minimum of $1,000. This is because 20% of 1,000 is $20, which allows you to feel the profits, rather than tiny little $0.50 bets that don't really mean anything.