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Top three tips to make winning football bets

22nd January, 10:42

Sports betting can be both fun and lucrative, but it can also be financially draining and disheartening if it's not going your way. Football betting can be particularly arduous because the fate of a game can change so dramatically at any point in the match. We want you to get as much enjoyment as possible from your football betting endeavours, so we're going to impart a little wisdom.

In this article, we give you our top three tips for increasing your returns and making football betting fun again. Make of them what you will, but we're pretty positive that they'll help you on your way to that all-important win. However, before we get started, we'll give you some advice for free - check out a review site like and familiarise yourself with all your online sports betting Canada options. There are so many online sports books out there and so many different ways of placing a bet that it's a good idea to get to grips with the ins and outs of it all before you even think of risking your precious dollars on a real money bet.

Our first tip is not necessarily one that you'll like but believe us when we tell you that it's good advice. If you're betting on football games in the hope that you're going to make some money, then you need to bet on the team that is most likely to win. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But what you may not want to hear is that sometimes, your favourite team is not the favourite to win. In fact, your team might not have a chance in hell of coming out on top.

You need to be able to see a football team's ability clearly to be able to make a well-informed bet. Try to take a step back and look at your team from an outsider's point of view. Of course, sometimes betting on the underdog is actually a good idea. The odds are usually much better and the thrill of a win is that much sweeter. But in order for the underdog to actually win, they need to have somewhat of a fighting chance. So again, think with your head and not with your heart.

We can't overstate the importance of research when it comes to making bets that might result in a positive outcome. Our second tip, therefore, is to take the time to thoroughly research both teams playing in the match that you're betting on. You need to know the current line-up of players, the positions they'll be playing in and the quality of their performance throughout the season. Check where both teams stand on the league's leader board. Check if these two teams have met before and what the outcomes were to those games. Take note if any key players have suffered any injuries in the lead up to this game.

Also pay attention to the upcoming games of both teams. This is important because sometimes a strong team may be looking to a future match and won't consider your game as particularly important (think leader board points). It could be the case that the team manager decides to withhold the best players in order to keep them fresh for the next game. If that happens, a bet on the underdog might make an unexpected and lucrative win.

If you're going to take football betting seriously, we highly recommend that you keep a record of all your bets. Keeping track of all your bets and the outcomes of those bets will help you get a comprehensive picture of where you're going wrong, or right! It will also help you keep track of your spending habits. As a side not, we also strongly suggest that you set a betting budget and stick to it. A record of your bets should include the amount of money that you place on each game, the teams that won and lost, the type of bet you placed and how much money it made you if it was a positive outcome.