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Understand the Odds in Sports Betting - Deadline News

9th December, 16:00

If you are a sports fan and want to learn how to bet, fun888 is the perfect place to start. There are literally hundreds of online bookmakers, all trying to tempt rookie customers to bet their cash.

But before rushing to one of the online betting houses to place your first bet, it is important that you understand exactly how sports betting odds work exactly, as well as calculate sports betting odds and what the jargon used means. The terminology can be quite confusing, especially for a beginner, so let's start by analysing the types of sports betting odds and how to interpret them.

Explanation of the Different Types of Sports Betting Odds

The probabilities are basically the chances that something will happen shown in numerical format and it is important to understand exactly what these figures mean.

Favourite Probability

If a particular result of a sporting event is clearly determined, the price could be described as a "favourite bet". This means that the winnings will be less than the bet.

Decimal Probabilities

Many websites currently use decimal probabilities when quoting prices, the best one is fun888. Decimal probabilities are the standard format in most European countries and many people find them much easier to interpret because they show full reimbursement for a $ 1 bet.

Spread-Betting (Difference Bets) If you want to take bets seriously, you will need to understand the different types of spread-betting. A "differential" represents the most likely range of results in a certain aspect of a sporting event. If you think it is too high, you can "sell" points below 30. If you think it is too low, you can "buy" points above 40. If you sell low and the total points are less than 30, you will earn money for each point below the limit. If the total points are greater than 30, you will lose money for each point above the limit.

If you decide to "buy," the differential works the same way, but you will win for each point above 40 and lose for each point below 40.

Point Differential

In basic terms, a "point spread" is an obstacle or advantage awarded to each team based on the expected profit margins. For example, the point spread in an NFL game can be set to -5 for Team A (the favourite) and +5 for Team B (the loser). If you support Team A, they will need to win by 6 points or more. If instead you support Team B, they will need to lose by 4 points or less.

Teasers (Combined Bet)

A Teaser bet is a variation of the Parlay bet but is combined with a point spread. By owning it, the bettor has an increased probability of winning even if the odds are reduced. This type of bet is very common in the odds of NFL betting lines where 7 points are added to the team with the point differential and 5 points to the total bet. As in Parlays, Teasers can be placed in multiple events.


A future bet is a bet placed on a result long before it is a result and usually at the beginning of the sports season. For example, many bettors place a bet on who will win the Super Bowl before the matches have even started. The danger of futures bets is that there is a lack of statistics available at the beginning of the campaign and a team could also suffer injuries or other problems during the season.


If you place a bet on fun888 an event that occurs within a game, it is called a proposition bet. Common examples of this type of bet are those made on which team will score the first touchdown in an NFL game or bet on the number of pitches a pitcher will make in the MLB.